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We provide quality furnishings and interior design for a wide range of budgets."

Our Concept

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About Us

Design Works Studio was established in 1999 as an interior design studio. Space planning, construction management, interior finishing and furnishings specification was the primary business for the first two years. The office was a bare-bones, 50 square meters operating with catalogs, samples, a drafting table and a lot of energy.

In 2001, after realizing that the local market was quite limited in what it had to offer and in order to meet customer needs and desired styles, the decision was made to establish a retail store of 250 square meters so as to offer a broader selection of selected designer furniture.

After two years business grew to where a large space was needed and in 2005 Design Works Studio moved to its current location in San Francisco and now offers a large 850 square meter showroom.

Design Works continues to innovate, bringing exclusive lines of furniture and accessories to Panama.


Our Store

We are located in San Francisco.


Find all kinds of exclusive brands in our extensive 850 sq meter showroom"

Contact Us

Design Works Studio

Calle 74 Este y Calle 50, CC La Caleta, Locales 1, 2 & 3
San Francisco, Panama City

Tel: (507) 270-7607
Fax: (507) 270-7606